Monday, September 7, 2009

2009 Hunting Season Begins

The 2009 MinnyMo Hunting season started with a bang Sunday morning. Shortly after that bang, things came to a screeching halt.

Logan and I arrived at the cabin around 8pm on Saturday evening (09/05/09). After unloading the car we headed to the field to get our decoys and blinds set for the morning hunt. We set up in the middle field just west of the Mecca Pond in a plowed wheat field. While we set up our decoys we could hear (and see because of the full moon) several geese and a bunch of ducks sitting on the Mecca Pond.Sunday morning Logan and I were in our blinds 10 minutes before shooting time.

We had clear sky and a south wind at 10-15 MPH. Five minutes after legal shooting time a group of 12 geese took flight from the Mecca Pond. After a little calling 3 geese broke out of the flock and came towards our spread. The first shoot of the year crumbled a large goose, shots 2 and 3 where not as great. Logan made a great retrieve on the goose. The good news was kill number 1 of 2009 was on the board in the first 5 minutes of hunting. The bad news was I never pushed the safety the rest of the weekend.

There was hardly a goose in the area. Other reports from hunters confirmed that the geese where just not around yet. Maybe some new birds will move in for us next weekend.

The best news from this weekend was the Mecca Pond is covered up in Mallard, Teal and Wood Ducks. If nothing major happens Logan and I should be in for a good shoot the first weekend in October.

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