Monday, September 21, 2009

MO Archery - 9/20/09 -North MO

9/20/09 - (Oak Ridge Ladder Set) 6:25am-9:50am, 65-72 degrees, ESE 5-12mph, overcast w/ drizzle.

I headed up to the north MO property on Sunday for my first hunt of the 09 season up there. It rained most of the evening and the front was supposed to have moved through by 9am. I got into the Oak Ridge Ladder set around 6:10am . There were small rain showers off and on all morning. I only saw 2 squirrels for the entire sit. There wasn't a single track on the road after walking out. I adjusted a couple of sets & ladders that had been up for two seasons, they needed it!

In the afternoon I planned to do some scouting up north and possibly hang a new set. I thought about grabbing my bow, but didn't.....and I'm kicking myself now!!! I didn't find much sign on the east ridge in the north meadow, so I thought I'd go adjust the Retarded Genius set, since it had been up for two seasons. There were two nice trails coming into the meadow where Rog cleared out around the pond dam last year. It grew up in 4-5' tall weeds, so I thought I'd take a little look. I hadn't made it 20yrds down the trail when I spotted movement to my left. A big 150ish ten point was walking up the dam for a drink not 13yrds from me (12:05pm). He had no idea I was even there. The rig was about 90yrds away with my bow in it, so I started to slip outta there. I felt the wind switch for a brief second and the big guy must a caught my wind. He walked to the edge of the dam and was looking into the grass intently. We had a stare down for about 3 minutes, before he turned and headed back into the timber. He was nervous and knew something wasn't right, but he never made me out. I did a little scouting after he walked off and it only took about 2 minutes to realize this is where the new set is going. The back side of the pond was covered in tracks and sign...hopefully somebody will be there the next time ol' boy wants a drink in the middle of the day.

9/20/09 - (Outlook Set), 4:15pm-7:40pm, 74-68 degrees, ESE 3-15mph, sun & clouds

After getting the new set hung I took a little cat nap and listened to football waiting for the evening sit. I hunted the new Outlook set over looking the south meadow and crop fields, hoping the FrEaK or some other bruiser would show their face. Rog was combining corn across the river, which has pushed deer my direction in the past. Nothing doing tonight however...the only action I had was a tree frog perched in the next oak. He was entertaining to watch though.
Delany shot a 10pnt on the BS155 around 6:30pm... the story will be posted shortly after editing of course!

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