Saturday, September 19, 2009

MO - Archery 9/18/09

9/18/09 - BS155 (4:20pm-7:55pm), Not-to-Tall set, 76-63 degrees, NNE 5-9mph, sunny

Since I only had to work a half day on Friday I headed back to the BS155 property for another evening sit. Delany is finally going to pop his cherry on the 09 season tonight also. I decided to sit in the Not-to-Tall set just south of the pond. The corner is covered in sign with three big trails crossing within 15yrds of the set. Had two mini deer come out around 4:50pm and head back north. Around 6:30pm I heard footsteps to the south of the stand and picked up a mature doe and mini making their way to the beans. They were coming in directly down wind, but instead of taking the main trial they veered off and headed right at me. The momma got to 8yrds before she finally winded me. She wasn't real nervous, but you could tell she knew something was up. She blew one time and then stood and watched the field for 3-4 minutes before walking back into the timber. I just can't catch a break early!!! Had a turkey and coon come by the set shortly after that. I was packing up around 7:45pm when I caught two deer coming into he beans off the main field. I could tell they were bucks, but it was getting real dark and fast. They proceeded to cut the corner and walk within 11 yrds of the set...if only one had been a shooter. I actually saw the bigger of the two on Saturday when I was hanging some climbing sticks. He's a good 2yr. old 8 with a wicked front sweeping right main beam. Brian saw 7 does and the 2 bucks also.

Headed to north MO on Sunday, so I'll check back in Monday....

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