Thursday, September 17, 2009

MO 09 Archery Opener

9/15/09 - It feels good to be back in the saddle!

BS 155 -(6am-9:05am), Cul-de-sac Set, NE 5-7mph, 62-70 degrees, overcast.
My dentist appointment for opening morning got cancelled, so I decided to hit BS155 farm up for my first sit of the 2009 season. I hunted the Cul-de-sac set hoping to catch the big 10 coming back to bed. At 6:45am a doe and mini deer entered the beans on the east side on the field and worked SW towards the pond. Another mature doe followed their trail about 8 minutes later, so the 09 season was starting on the right foot with lots of action. Around 8am I caught movement to the E and a mature doe stepped out 36yrds away. She stayed behind the locust tree and fed E down the field edge. It was a great morning and start to the 09 business.

9/15/09 -BS155-(4:45pm-7:50pm), Cul-de-sac Set, NE 3-6mph, 83-72 degrees, sunny.

With a perfect NE wind I decided to stay in the Cul-de-sac set for the evening sit. I was on stand for all of 6 minutes before the first deer (a mini deer) of the evening visited the bean field. From 5:38pm - 6:32pm 2 mature does and 3 minis feed in and out of the field about 60yrds to the E of the set. The minis were a blast to watch running around chasing each other. They never came any closer than 50yrds, but it provided a lot of entertainment for the evening. Nothing else came into the field after they left. I have a feeling that we're going to have to find acorns to find the bucks.

9/16/09-BS155-(4:15pm - 7:48pm), Cul-de-sac Set, NE 10-20mph, 84-71 degrees, sunny.

With the afternoon off work I slid back out to the BS155 farm with high hopes of getting on the board in 09. I setup in the Cul-de-sac set again, because it's just a matter of time before the big 10 shows his face. The NE wind is absolutely perfect for this set. I was in the stand at 4:18pm and the first deer was in the field 20 minutes later (another mini) and fed for 5 minutes before heading back into the cover. I was about 4 chapters into the first Harry Potter book, when I caught movement to the E. The same 2 does and 3 minis from the night before entered the beans in the exact same spot. As I was watching them when I caught more movement about 30 yards out, another mature doe and smaller doe were working out into the beans from behind the locust tree. I had my bow in hand and was ready to cut loose if she presented a good bad that never happened. The bigger doe fed out from behind the locust tree at 23yrds, but was facing me the entire time. She fed on beans for 6 or 7 minutes then flopped ends and walked E to the rest of the deer. She never did offer a good shot angle, but she had no idea I was even there. That set will payoff big at some point. The deer continued to feed about 60yrds out until 7pm then headed back into the bedding area. I did have a skunk walk by the set at 7:15pm but no other deer came into the field. I'll be back at it Friday evening....

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