Monday, August 31, 2009

North MO - Trail Cam

I made it up the the North MO property for the first time since early July, on Saturday. I had moved the TC down by the bean and corn fields, and was pleasantly suprised at some of the deer on camera. I'm looking forward to seeing some of these boys with hard antlers. Come on September 15th!

Crazy number of ticks on this poor looks like something chewed on her head!!!!

Up n' comer!

This BIG BOY will get whacked if we get the chance....huge body...Scotty, this rack has your name all over it!

A little long beard action.......thwwwackkk

See you next year little man!

Shooter up fornt...walking papers in the back (lucky SOB better be glad some of these other dudes showed up)

Same shooter as above + he had another 2-3 weeks to grow still!!!

The FrEaK & coon.....please walk by my stand in shooting range this year, either of you!!!!!

The FrEak and a coon part two......

Wide w/ huge browtimes....and if you look closely the FrEaK is runnign backup!

You've been dismissed for the 09/10 season...please report for duty next year.

A little tickle giggle?

Walking papers will be issued this year...but we can't protect you if you cross the fence.

Shooter with his ladies.

Good 8...possible shooter

See you next fall.

The FrEaK hanging in the back with another shooter and thier whipping boy.

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