Sunday, August 30, 2009

Annandale Trail Camera 8/30/09

I made it out to the Annandale property on Sunday afternoon with Jake and Chrissy. I wanted to check my trail camera one more time before the season and make sure any excess corn from my camera site was removed. Both missions where a success!

I had 321 pictures on my camera over the past 8 days. The majority of the pictures are doe and fawns but the una buck made an appearance several times over the past couple of days. I have three large doe that continue to show up every day. One of the doe has two fawns, another has one fawn and the last one shows up by herself. All three would make nice freezer fillers. I also got my first picture of a red fox.

The low Sunday (9/30/09) morning was 40 degrees in MN and the deer where really on their feet during day light hours. Una Buck also shed his velvet and it also looks like the young 7 also shed his. The young 7 looks like he could turn into a nice deer if the locals let him walk this gun season. Only 20 days until the MN opener!

The MN early goose season opens this coming saturday. I can't make opening morning but Logan and I will be in our blinds Sunday and Monday to see if we can get our 2009 hunting season started with a bang! Hopefully we will have some photos of dead animals to show shortly!

Below is a photo of the young 7. Looks to have a nice body and good shape to his rack.

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