Sunday, October 11, 2009

MO Urban Doe Season

10/9/09 - After watching MU get peed on by Nebraska the night before and us getting peed on by the 9+ hours of rain on Thursday night I didn't make it out for the MO Urban doe season opening morning. Around 1pm I slid into the 70 Farm and setup a ground blind on the south point. Shana was going to hunt Sunday and the forecast called for NNE winds all weekend. There was a ton of sign in the field and all the regular trails were warn slick. Brian and I met at the BS155 for an evening bow hunt. I sat in the Deep South Set and Brian set up shop in the Not-too-Tall Set. I had 7 does and minis feeding in front of the set for the last hour of light and finally had to have Brian walk down the field from the north and bump them out, or I might still be in the stand.

10/10/09 - BS 155, NNW 15-30mph, 34-41 degrees

I met Brian at the BS155 around 5:45am. There was a brisk wind and we had our first frost of the MO season on the ground. I sat in the Killing Tree set and Brian sat his newly positioned ladder set. Action was slow to start and I was freezing my boys off getting blasted in the face by the NW wind. Around 7:30am I stood up to stretch and spotted a good 2-3yr.old 10 point feeding about 150yrds across the field. He was a good deer and looked very similar to Brian's buck, but I decided I wasn't going to shoot him if he came across the field. After about 15 minutes of glassing the buck a doe and mini popped out in the same corner and fed about 30yrds out from my set, I let them pass hoping bucks would be moving with the chill in the air. Around 8:30am I got a text from Brian that he'd shot a doe, but the hit didn't look good. We decided to sit until 9am and then we'd go move some stands before taking up the trail. As I was packing up my gear to get down Scott sent a text saying he'd shot a good buck in MN....little did he know it was the deer he'd targeted early in the summer (story coming later). I met up with Brian and we decided to give his doe several hours before taking up the trail. We moved Brian's ladder set and then headed back to the trucks to pickup a couple new stands. It was the MO Urban doe season, so we loaded up the TC smoke pole just in case. After getting my new ladder stand set we headed over to the Killing Tree to cut a few limbs. I was finishing up the last cut when Brian said "deer, coming out across the field". We crawled out to the TC which was about 15yrds out in field with the cart and other gear. The 2 deer were feeding in the same corner as the buck was earlier. We belly crawled about 30yrds more into the field and I raised up for the shot. Brian was videoing with his digital camera (see below) and ranged my deer at 139yrds. I took a deep breath steadied the TC and let the smoke roll. It was a perfect shot and after watching the doe try and hold it for about 15 seconds, it was lights out.

We tracked Brian's doe for several hours but never did find any blood, the arrow, or the deer so around 3pm he made the decision to call off the search.

10/11/09 - BS155, 37-43degrees, NNW 8-15mph, overcast I bow hunted my new ladder set in the AM, but the action was pretty slow. I had a doe and 2 minis cross out front of me about 70yrds away. Around 8:30am 7 turks came into the field south of my set, but never got closer than 55yrds. We looked for Brian's doe for another couple hours and still no sign.

10/11/09 PM Hunt - 70Farm - 45-39degrees, NNE 8-10mph.

Shana and I headed out for her first hunt of the 09 season. We set up int he ground blind on the 70 farm with high hopes of having her harvest her first deer. Around 5:45pm a big doe fed into the field about 60yrds out. Shana was getting ready to take her when we spotted a mini-mini feeding right behind her. Shana elected to pass, because of the mini and we just sat back and enjoyed the show. About that time a swarm of black birds lit into the tree above us and spooked the deer out of the field.

10/12/09- 70 Farm, NE 7-10mph, 45-40 degrees

Since I had the day off because our furnace was getting replaced, I decided to slide out for a quick evening sit. I choose to setup in the ground blind Shana and I sat the night before. After getting settled in a finishing the first Harry Potter book, I was getting worried I wasn't going to see any action since it was already 6:40pm. Right about then I spotted deer coming into the field. A big mature doe and several smaller does and minis started feeding out in front of my setup. I had the video cam with me so I sat back and got some good footage of them first. As camera light was fading I settled in on the biggest doe and let the smoke roll one more time. The whiteout blinded me for a bit but as the smoke cleared I saw the deer clearing the field to the east. I got everything packed up and after 15 minutes headed out to take up the trail. As I got to the area where the deer were feeding I as completely surprised to see my doe laying right were she stood. The TC & 300grain bullet put her down in her tracks with a perfectly placed shot. I was pretty jacked up because not only was I working the camera solo but the footage turned out great, and I had deer #4 in the freezer for the 2009 season.

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