Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blue Springs Double Dip!

I arrived in MO around 1:30 PM on Sept 25th for my first taste of the Missouri bow season. We would be hunting the Blue Springs farm this weekend. Pete got home from work around 3:30 PM and we quickly jumped in the truck and headed to the field. We had clear skies and temps in the low 70’s. I hunted the pond set and Pete was in the far corner set. I was settled in my stand and playing yahtzee by 5:10.

Just before 6 PM I had a young 8 pt and two yearling come into my field. The buck was at 35 yards and the younglings where at 30. They feed for about 5 minutes but continued to look back into the woods. I had high hopes one of the BIG BOYS we had seen on the farm would soon be popping out. Instead a nice doe walked into the field. She feed by the younglings for a couple minutes then walked right in front of my tree. I came to full draw and she stopped about one step short of the clearing I was hoping for. I glanced back and noticed the buck had picked me off on my draw. I slowly leaned out around the branch that was between the doe and I and released my arrow. Thwack! The field cleared with all the deer running back where the came from. I quickly sent Pete a txt to let him know we had some doe meat for the long winter! After Pete sniffed up the blood trail we had a quick 50 yards track job and doe #1 of 2009 was in the back of the truck.

September 26th, Blue Springs, MO. Pete, Brian and I all made it out for the morning hunt. I sat the far bean field, Pete was in the killing set and Brian was in his rifle stand. We all saw deer but Pete came the closest the sealing the deal. In the end Pete was out snickered by a doe and no shots where fired. Pete’s unlucky streak of no shot opportunities continued....for now!

September 26th, Blue Springs. MO PM Hunt. Brian wasn’t able to hunt in the PM. I hunted our new ground blind set and Pete was back in the far corner set. It was a beautiful night other than no deer. I did have a skunk at 20 yards but had no tag! Pete saw a couple doe, young buck and a flock of turks but no shots.

September 27th, Blue Springs, MO. Once again it was just Pete and I hunting . Pete climbed up the Pond Set and I hunted the killing tree. I bumped several deer on my way to the stand and saw nothing but bad yahtzee dice once I got settled. I got a txt from Pete 30 minutes into the hunt saying a young doe had found its way into his wheel house. Deer #2 of the weekend was down! I waited another 30 minutes and headed over to help him pull out the deer. Pete made a perfect 15 yard shot one a young doe. Below is a photo of the kill site. Pete hit the deer so hard he knocked the spots off it! That concluded a great weekend of early season bow hunting. I am already counting the days for our 10 day November marathon hunt in Macon and Blue Springs.

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