Friday, July 3, 2009

Annandale Trail Photos 7/03/09

I drove out to the Annandale property this morning to fertilize my food plot and check my trail camera photos from the past week. As you can see below the Food plot is really coming in. The rye is really thick in some areas and there is more and more deer sign in the plot each time I visit. I also made a new fence crossing in the corner of the plot. The deer have used the spot in the past and this should help increase traffic to the area, at least that’s the plan.

Since I was in Annandale 6 days ago my camera had 86 new photo’s. Once again I had a bunch of coon photos. I posted one coon picture below that has a mother and at least 3 baby coons in one picture. I think the Hoyt is going to fill its quota of coons this fall! I also got my first buck picture of the year. Looks like a nice 2 ½ year old 8 pt. There is one big mature doe that continues to visit the area every day. She will make a nice management tag filler if she stays around. Along with a bunch of doe photos I got a few of a Doe and her fawn. Below are a few of my favorite pictures from the past week.

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