Sunday, February 8, 2009

Late Season Squirrel

Logan and I snuck out for a quick afternoon squirrel/rabbit hunt on Sunday morning. We arrived at the Annandale property around 11 AM. The road was snowed in so we had to walk in from the main road. The deep snow made tough walking for Logan. We saw a few squirrels right off the bat but Logan had first shot. By the time the BB gun barked the squirrels where running for the hills. We walked up on a nice doe while walking to the center stand. We climbed up in Mike’s big box stand to glass for squirrels. I spotted a fat squirrel after about 5 minutes of glassing and the stock was on. I got to about 25 yards and let the 12 gauge bark. Shot #1 knocked the squirrel off his branch but the little guy held on with one paw. He was trying to hold it! Shot #2 put him into the next tree. He didn’t even think about it this time! We saw lots of sign in the woods but no more squirrels or any rabbits. Fun afternoon. The picture below is of the squirrels teeth. Obviously a 4 ½ year old.

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