Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008 Season Comes to an End

The 2008 hunting season came to an end last Thursday here in Missouri. Once the dust settled 08 ended up being one of our most successful hunting seasons ever. Logan went on his first official duck hunts at Ken Gold HC and is hooked. Both Scott and I are looking forward to many more seasons in the blind or stand with Wee-Man.

Combined we shot 20 whitetails (Scott 6, Pete 9, Brian 5), 1 Fall Rio Turkey (Scott), and 1 gianormus TX pig (Pete). Not to mention all the waterfowl and pheasants Scott and Logo piled up in MN and the random varmints that crossed our paths. Scott killed his largest whitetail to date with a bow. Brian shot 5 deer, which is the most in one season for him. And he recorded his 1st archery kill in several years. I personally set a personal best with 9 whitetail kills, although I didn't get any of those Northern MO Big Guys to cooperate. Hopefully next fall!!! I also killed my largest hog to date, she was pushing 300 lbs. For the record that brought my life time total to 23 hogs killed in 4 shots, not a bad average if I may say so!

Lucky for us the spring snow goose migration should be gearing up in the next 4-6 weeks here in MO. Shed hunting is only about 2 weeks out, and the next thing we know it will be April 20th and the turks better be on their A game or they are going to get some serious carbon & lead poisoning! Oh yeah... I'm heading back to TX for more hogs at the end of February with Ralph and Bobby.

Not to mention we couldn't have Brian being the last post of the 2008 season!!!

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