Monday, December 29, 2008

MO Antlerless Season

12-19/08 PM- I was headed out to the BS 155 farm for an evening doe hunt. BS 155 is the farm Pete and I had so much luck on during the regular rifle season. I arrived at the farm about 2:45pm. I was really hoping to sit my ladder stand, but a Northwest winds put an end to that idea. Because of the wind I decided to hunt Pete's ladder stand. I took my time getting to Pete's stand because the ice covered snow made walking extremely noisy, and I'm not to stealthy to begin with.

I had only been on stand for about 30 minutes when I heard footsteps to my left. I turned and spotted 4 big longbeards coming out into the field. I watched them feed for about thirty minutes. Around 4:00pm I looked back to the south and noticed a doe fawn looking right at me about 90 yards to the south. I was caught off guard to say the least. As she stood there I noticed there were several tree branchs in the way, so I just watched her. After a couple of minute's she went back in the timber. It was still early in the evening so my anticipation level was high.

About 4:20pm I heard footsteps coming from the south where the doe fawn had went back into the timber. I looked over and saw 5 deer coming out to the field. 3 big Does and 2 buttons. The location of the deer made for a tough shot because I am right handed. I had to just watch them and hope they would give me a shot eventually. After about 20 minutes they finally worked to about 55 yards directly in front of Pete's stand. I anchored the Remington 30-06, picked out one of the mature doe's and settled in. Booommm!

The deer scattered and ran right under the stand. The doe I shot ran about 30 yards to the north before piling up. I was fired up with another doe down and a great end to the 08 season for me. On the way back to the 4-wheeler I spotted deer in the field where my stand is located, so I took the long way back. As I got closer to the truck I saw more deer feeding in the field about a 100 yards from my truck. I took a closer look a saw 3 bucks, including one good buck and 11 doe's and fawns. What a sight 22 deer in one evening. After seeing the deer numbers on this farm, I am fired up for the 2009 season already.

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