Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MO Firearms - Opener

North Central MO 11/10 - After seeing several good bucks and a lot of doe activity during the bow season, the firearms opener came with a lot of anticipation. I hunted the Southeast Hog Ridge stand on a SW 12-22 mph wind. Temps. started out in the mid-30s and got up to 65 by late afternoon. Had a nice 3 yr old 8 point follow a doe in from the S around 7:20am. I elected not to shoot and watched was the doe tried to evade her stalker! It appeared like she didn't want to be harassed yet. The buck grunted several times at her. I gave him 2 aggressive grunts but he was more focused on the lady. Only movement of the morning. Heard 23 shots. Hunted until 11:15am

11/10 (Afternoon Hunt 12:45 - Sunset) Strong E -SE wind & mid 60s. Hunted the bottom meadow stand with no movement seen. Not the start I'd hoped for. Very little movement reported from a lot of the hunter I spoke with. The group up north shot 1 small 8 (that hurts), 1 button buck (ouch), and 1 yearling doe (1 right).

11/11 (Morning Hunt) Hunted the Hog Ridge again until 11am. Temps started in the mid 30s but quickly jumped into the high 50s and lower 70s by late afternoon. No movement early. 3 does busted out of the clear cut draw around 9am along with turkeys, something bumped them. Walked the SE logging road out "SOLID" sign and area (remember for late/next season)!!!!!! Bumped a good buck and doe bedded in the cut-in. Walked up to 14 yards on 4 big toms, to bad I didn't have the bow they had no idea. I watched them for 5 minutes before I finally let them now I was there.

11/11 (Evening Hunt 1:00-Sunset) I hunted up behind the ponds. Figured with the temps and hunting pressure, I might catch them coming in the back door to drink. Great sign and rubs leading to the ridge top. NO MOVEMENT!!! Very windy until late and extremely hot. Not the start I anticipated!

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