Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MO Firearms - 11/15-11/18

East Central, MO - Callaway County- 11/15 (Afternoon Hunt 1:30-Sunset) Hunted Eddies property in the S fence shooting box. Very windy gusts up to 25 mph from the S. They shot a 199 3/8 non-typical 22 pnt. about 150 yards to the S last Saturday 11/10. No movement at all!!! Saw 9 hens feed through at 4pm. Eddie met me at the pasture and reported seeing nothing. Drove me around the property, looks great!! Excited to get a chance to hunt this side. Bobby shot a mature doe and yearling doe out of the NW Stand. Ralph jumped a small doe walking out and skull capped her. Three does for the freezer!!!

11/16 (Sunrise - 11:30am) Hunted the NE meadow at Eddies. Wind was down and temps started out around 30, but got up to 64 in the pm. ABSOLUTELY NO MOVEMENT!!! Eddie saw zero! Ralph shot another nice doe out of the Middle stand early am.
11/16 (1:00pm- Sunset) Ralph & Booby went home to cut up the does. I hunted the Feeder Stand until 3pm and moved over to the Hill Top. NO DEER ACTIVITY TO REPORT! Saw 22 turkeys work through the cedars again.

11/17 (Sunrise - 11:00a) Hunted the NW stand and believe it or not "zero deer seen", this is absurd after the numbers we'd seen bow hunting! Ralph missed a doe in the Bed Frame stand "20 yards and missed the skull buster", I guess we didn't want that meat for the freezer huh Ralph!!!
11/17 (2:15 - sunset) It got hot and windy this afternoon. South winds and 68. I hunted E of the Hill Top pond until 3 and moved over to Bare Back for the remainder of the evening. I heard Bobby shoot and 4:05pm followed by a "war cry", and knew what that meant (see pic on previous post). He hunted the Ladder Stand and had 3 shooters chasing 4 does all around him and the Old Faithful set. (I was going to hunt there!!! dumb ass!!). He ended up shooting the biggest buck to date on the property. 14 point (1 broken RG3)/full rut activity/ I'm guessing 158-163!

11/18 (Sunrise - 11:30) I sat in "Old Faithful" hoping to break the streak of no deer movement. At 7am I heard 2 growls (1st time ever) up on the road, followed by grunts and deer running my way. The doe came through at 42 yrds doing about 118 mph. I could her the buck following her but hadn't seen him yet. Once he finally came up from the draw I was locked and loaded for a shooter! Of course I saw a 1 1/2 yr old fork top the lip and lazily follow the doe, who after seeing the suitor wanted nothing to do with the little guy. At least I broke the streak, and hearing the growl was very solid!! Couldn't hunt the evening, see you for muzzle loading in 6 days!!

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