Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't forget about the late Archery Season!

The beauty of late November and December is the limited number of hunters in the field. With the holidays approaching and most hunters hitting the firearms season pretty hard. The pressure really decreases on the deer in most areas. Late season archery is a great time to catch up with that buck you've been looking for all season. Once the rut slows down their focus shifts quickly to food and survival. Key in on agricultural fields and food plots. With the white acorn crop being pretty slim in MO this year, deer will be forced to find areas that can support their dietary requirements.

Archery hunting for turkey can be very productive this time of year also. They should be flocked up in their winter groups, and food is the only thing on their mind. If you see a flock working the same area, don't be afraid to slip into a ground blind and put a little holiday turkey on the table. Winter flocks get pretty easy to pattern if they aren't pressured. Roost to Food to Water to Food to Roost.

Remember to draw early because a flock of 10-40 birds is tough to fool if you wait to long and they are in close, believe me I speak from experience!

Hunt safe and let the little bucks walk!

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