Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 Mo Youth Season

The 2014 Missouri Youth Season is finally upon us and I have been looking more forward to this hunt than any other hunt of the year. MaKenna and I are heading up to my buddy’s farm in NW Missouri where the big boys roam! Pete, Scott, and Logan are heading up to Macon farm with plans on hunting that farm and if Logan doesn't do any good heading over to hunt with us Sunday afternoon. This will be MaKenna’s first youth season during the rut and with the cooler weather deer movement should be really good.

Day 1

With the corn still in on one of my favorite parts of the farm we had to go to plan B. I decided to hunt his 160 Acre farm where there is some good timber with 2 box blinds on the north side and a big CRP to the south so my plan was to hunt the west box blind in the morning and set up our ground blind in the CRP field for the afternoon hunt depending on the outcome from the mornings hunt.

 We got settled in plenty early and at 7:45am I noticed movement to the north in the food plot. Out pops a huge bodied 3.5 year old buck. He had a big fork on the right side and a 14+ inch spike on the other. Kenna girl got all excited and made some fast movements. Of course how it goes she got caught and that was the end of that. About 1 hour later 4 big does come running past us with no shot opportunities. Around 10:30am Kenna got restless so I decided it was time to go check out the CRP field to find a spot for our blind.

 As we walk up to the field I noticed a nice buck chasing a 2 does all over the place. As they disappeared into the draw we made our way over to that side of the field and set up next to some bushes in the field. 5 minutes later out pops the big doe followed by a beautiful 2.5 year old 8 pointer. He comes right into 60 yards and turns broadside. Well Kenna got caught up in the moment and no shots were fired. That got Kenna fired up for the afternoons hunt.

 Later that afternoon we got the blind all set up about 2:30pm. Well 2 nice big bucks, a spike, and 3 does showed themselves but no shots fired again. They were just driving us crazy and I knew the next morning would be game on!

Day 2

If any of you have little ones you know that some mornings are just a bundle of joy some mornings trying to wake up a 9 year old that is not a morning girl. This morning proved to be one of those mornings. We finally made it to the ground blind right at shooting time. We get settled in and was welcomed with some cloud cover and a beautiful sunrise. Pretty sure god was showing off in the deer woods for us! 20 minutes goes by and Kenna is getting hungry. I glance in the field one more time then proceed to bend over to get the donuts out of the backpack which took a grand total of 15 seconds. I look back out in the field and notice a big bodied deer standing there. I raise my binoculars and realized it was a good buck. He was out there about 170+/- yards. Kenna’s gun was already up on the sticks ready to go and she gets locked in for the shot. She says can I take him and before I got yes all the way out I hear click. Oh no a miss fire. I went into scramble mode and bolted another shell in. Luckily the buck doesn’t move and this time, BOOOMMMMM!!!! I instantly knew the buck was hit. He took off with his tail tucked and runs about 60 yards, stops, starts to wobble, and tips over. Party time!!!

 As we track the buck the smile on her face was priceless. She was so proud of what she did and as we walk up to the buck she says, “what a monster”! I can’t believe I shot such a big buck!” The buck ended up being a giant bodied 11 point. All she wanted to do was to shoot a bigger buck than Logan. To Kenna yes he has more points and thus making him bigger than Logan's. She can't let the boys out hunt her!

 Pete, Logan, and Scott showed up at the farm for the afternoon hunt. After some high fives and some hugs to miss Kenna it was time for the boys to get after it. Around 4:00pm Kenna and I were shooting my .22 when the phone rings. It was Scoot letting us know that Logan had just shot a nice 8 pointer. We were so excited for him and couldn’t wait to help with the track job. Unfortunately after almost a mile of tracking and 3 hours later we came up empty handed. We felt so bad for him!

 Luckily Missouri has a late youth season so we will be back after it and hopefully with some payback!!


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