Monday, October 13, 2014

Youth's First Blood of the Season!!


During the off season my oldest daughter MaKenna decided to save up some of her birthday money to buy a new rifle. For her this is a huge deal and really shows how much she enjoy's hunting and the outdoors! After looking at several potential guns we landed on a Thompson Center Venture Youth .243. She was so excited to get it and has been chomping at the bit to get out to use it. My dad also bought her a new ground blind as well an Ameristep Carnivore Lost Camo.

The 2014 Missouri Urban Season has arrived. Our plan was to hunt Saturday afternoon after her soccer game but mother nature blessed us with a bunch of rain and her game got cancelled. That meant game on for the morning hunt. Kenna and I headed out to one of our local honey holes for the first morning however the hunt turned out to be a complete bust. It was one of those times where nothing was going right at all. Between bumping deer on the walk in and fighting with 4 kittens crawling all over the blind the morning was shot! Kenna did love the kittens and I was ready to have open season on them!!

The afternoon turned out absolutely beautiful. We got settled into the blind around  4:30pm overlooking a big clover field. Kenna enjoyed her cheese it's and I just sat back enjoying the time spent with her. About 5:25pm I looked up to see 5 does coming out into the plot from the Northest. At this point it was a mad dash to get her ear protection on and her on the gun for a shot. 2 of the big mature does worked into 30 yards of the blind but the grass was tall enough that she couldn't get a clear shot. Luckily the 3 mini's stayed out in the center of the field feeding around. Kenna got dialed in and let her new .243 bark! Booommm!! Kenna made a great 90 yard shot and after a short 30 yard track job she had the first deer down for the DeLany household for 2014! I was so proud of her.

Later that evening at the diner table I get a text from Big John that his cousin had shot a doe but needed some help tracking. After making my way out to their farm and following the red brick road Cuz found happiness at the end. Congrats to him!!

Now were ready for the Missouri youth season. Kenna and I will be heading up North where the big boys roam and looking to get a crack at a Missouri giant!! 

Good luck boys/girls!!!

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