Thursday, July 5, 2012

First MN Trailcam Pics of 2012

I made a quick trip to the Annandale property on 4th of July morning.  I wanted to check the one camera I had running and get camera #2 out in the woods.  The property was looking great.  Plenty of deer sign around and the crops are looking good.

It is good to see the split brow buck is still on the farm.  Looks like he is sporting a flyer off the back of his right side now (you can see it in pic 11).  He would be a fun deer to kill this fall.  Fingers are crossed. Below are a couple of trail pics I got from a new stand location I hung back in April.

I also picked up a 3rd trail camera for my MN property from Cabelas yesterday.  I bought the new Tructh Cam35 with camo LED filter.  I got it for a good price and so far it has been easy to setup.  Lets hope Wilber puts out as good of a camera as he does hunting shows. I am hoping to get it out in the woods next weekend.

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