Friday, April 30, 2010

Seed Is Planted In MN!

Logan and I made it out to the Annandale property Friday afternoon. Things couldn't have worked out better. The area received a nice rainfall this morning and another light rain this afternoon. Perfect conditions for spreading seed on my food plot.

Logan and I arrived at the property around 4 PM. After raking out bumps and removing any grass that was on the plot it was time to spread seed. I planted 1/2 the plot with Evolve Habitat clover with a small bag of Biologic Brassica mixed in. The other half of the plot was seeded with Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover. Just for fun Logan and I also planted a small pack of sweet corn and sunflowers in the plot. We are suppose to receive another rain this evening which should be perfect for the plot.

I need to make another trip out to the property on Monday to fertiize the plot with a 13-13-13 fertilizer.

Logan and I walked the property a bit before heading home. The deer sign in the area looks good and my mineral sites are really getting hit hard. I pulled both the cards from my trail cameras but found out I had a bad pack of batteries. Both camera's died after a couple of days. I did get several good pics. Below are a couple of the photos from the Cuddybacks.

Logan fired a couple .22 shots in the dump and we called it a night. We got a lot of work done and had a fun afternoon.

Update 5/2/10- I ended up having a couple free hours on Sunday afternoon so I headed back to the Annandale property. I fertilized the new plot and also hit my existing plot with some 10-10-10 fertilizer. I also updated the software on both of my Cuddybacks to help insure longer battery life. The mineral sites are continuing to get hit hard. I also walked the far southeast corner of the porperty and found a nice location for another set. Otherwise nothing much had changed since Friday afternoon. I won't be back until June 1.

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