Monday, April 12, 2010

MO 2010 Pre-season preperation

4/10/10 - I headed up to the North MO property early Saturday to scout turkeys, work on stands, freshen up the mineral sites, and hopefully locate a shed or two. I had planned to be at the farm before sunrise, but that didn't happen. So most the turkey scouting was put on the back burner. I did see several strutters right around the property, so there should be plenty of action for the 2010 season.

My first task was to freshen up the mineral site from last year and put the Cuddy up to start documenting antler development. I was pleasantly suprised at the amount of sign around the area. The deer had the trail leading to the site worn slick with tracks and the ground around the lick was covered in tracks and fur. I reset the Cuddy in the same spot that I captured all of bucks on last season.

Task #2 on the day was to hang a new set in the immediate area of the lick, however there isn't a tree within 80yrds. that is suitable for hanging a stand. So I used the natural surroundings and created a wicked ground blind from a cedar that lost it's top this winter. I still need to do little work on it, but I'm excited about the potential for this fall. We've had a lot of activity in this part on the farm over the past two seasons.

After working on the new ground blind I started in on adjusting and hanging some new sets. I pulled the north field set and moved it up onto the river bank. This new postion will allow us to hunt the set with any type of south, west, or east wind. It also puts us behind the two main trails that cut the corner of the field. There will be some does in trouble if they repeat last years travel patterns.

I also hung a new set 90yrds east of the "Beach" set. The amount of sign in the area was crazy and there are three major trials that meet up about 23yrds in front of the new location. It will be ideal for late October - November when we start getting hit with the north winds.

After that I pulled down several of the non-producing sets and the two stands that need to be repaired. I also created another mineral site up in the north wood lot. There is a bunch of sign up there also and several good trials leading into the back side of the pond. I'm hoping to make it back up for the first weekend of turkey season...hopefully we can get Shana on her first MO Turkey!

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