Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Hunting

With the busy Holiday season upon us, I wasn't left with much time for hunting during the past couple weeks. Logan and I did manage to sneak out for a morning pheasant hunt on Sunday, 12/20/09. We saw a couple roosters, but all of our flushes were hens. We did come across one Cottontail and Logan was very excited that I shot him. Above is the photo of Logan and his rabbit.

Pete got into town on Tuesday night and we made a run up to the Garrison area for some Grouse hunting Wednesday morning. Conditions were perfect with about 5"of powder snow on the ground, temps in the upper 20's, and a winter storm moving into the area that evening. We flushed about 15 birds but the majority of them flushed wild 40-60yrds in front of us or out of the trees. I missed one easy shot early, but we managed to scratch out one bird. Pete went home empty handed but in much better shape. We logged some good miles!
Pete and I stopped into Whitecombs Uncommon Scents on the way home and met the owner. He let Pete and I look out back and check out his deer heard. Below is a photo of two of the Big Boys. I am planning to sneak out this weekend for one last pheasant if the weather allows. That will put a cap on my 2009 hunting season.

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