Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Success On the Last Night of MO Firearms Season

11/24/2009 - My gun season had its ups and downs for sure. I have been seeing a ton of deer the past two weeks, but mostly mini's. After all of the hours I put in on the stand I only saw 2 Big Boys. Unfortunately the big shooter from opening weekend that I hit was never recovered and I was in the dumps about it to say the least. I had to miss the second weekend of gun season due to some lake house construction obligations, but I was finally able to make it back out on the final night of the season after finishing up with family pictures.

The day started with me in the office, until Brad finally talked me into going out for one last sit. We got out to the BS 155 farm and into the stands about 2:45pm. Brad went to Pete's ladder set and I went to my north ladder set. About 3:05pm a nice doe entered the field to my south. She kept looking back in the timber as she fed, but nothing ever came out after her. After 15 minutes of watching her I decided it was time to take her since it was still early and I was sick of just watching deer all season. I ranged her at 125 yards, waited for her to turn broadside and squeezed off a shot. My bullet hit home and she only made about 15 yards before eating a dirt sandwich. It felt good to finally get a deer on the ground! After the shot I decided to drag her over to the edge of the timber, since she was laying right where a lot of deer had been entering the field.

About 15 minutes after getting back in the stand another mature doe entered the field right by my west ladder set. She fed around for about 10 minutes before going back into the woods.

As light faded more deer piled into the field. All of the them were does and minis. I kept hoping that a mature buck would show himself with all of the does in the field but unfortunately he never did and with light about to run out on my 2009 gun season I decided to take another doe. I picked out the biggest doe in the field and touched off another shot at 60 yards. She held it like a champ and made it 60 yards into the timber before calling it quits. With that my 09 MO firearms season came to an end.

Kinda of funny that Brad and I went out and had the same situation happen one week earlier, only it was Brad who had the luck that night.

A couple more weeks and it is time to break out the smoke poles!!

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