Monday, June 22, 2009

Annandale Food Plot and Trail Camera

I drove out to the Annandale property on 6/21/09 to check out my food plot and setup my new Cuddeback Trail Camera. Everything has really greened up over the past couple of weeks with all the rain we have received. My Evolve Habitat food plot is really starting to spout up. Below is a picture of the entire plot.

A couple of the plants really shot up and the deer are already starting to hit the plot. Below is a leaf that has been nibbled on. I plan to hit the plot with a shot of fertilizer the end of this week.

I also purchased myself a little fathers day gift while shopping at cabelas on Saturday. I bought a CuddeBack IR trail Camera. The IR model uses Infa Red instead of a standard flash in the evening. The benefit of the infa red is it won't spook any deer since they can't see the flash. I loose a bit of distance with the infa red model in the PM but also gain more megapixels during the day time. I plan to check the camera and swap the card next week when I fertilize the food plot. I will update the sight with any photo's I get. Otherwise I just walked the property and checked for sign. I did walk up on a big mature deer and also caught a nice mature doe licking a mineral site at 11:45 AM. Below is a photo of my trail camera site. You can see the Cuddeback strapped to the tree in the upper right corner.

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