Tuesday, November 5, 2013

KC Killing

I'd planned to hunt with Greg on his KC lease October, 26 along with fellow MWT member Jeff Reddy. Jeff just started archery hunting this year and had yet to see a buck while on stand. The  evening before Greg texted me and said Jeff shot a young buck that night, but they let in lay because the shot looked back a touch.

Saturday morning we'd planned to hunt until 10am then go track Jeff's deer. Greg had a buck work in early, but he moved off to the north. I was blanked and Jeff had a big doe come into his plot and mill around for a while. Greg and I met up just before 10am and headed to meet Jeff, we didn't expect to find him sleeping in the middle of the food plot....rookies got some learning to do still.

After we woke Jeff up the real fun started. We knew the deer was liver hit at best, so the trailing was slow but steady. After about 90 minutes and 250yrds of tough tracking I looked up and saw a white belly in the brush ahead. Jeff has his first buck down and the celebrating started!

Sunday morning I hit up The U and crawled into The Killing tree. For the first time in ny hunting career I slept right through the alarm, so when Shana woke me up at 6:35am there may have been a 2-3 minute tirade of expletives unleashed. Regardless I wasn't staying home so after a quick shower and excessive speeding. I arrived at my stand about 15 minutes after sunrise and the action started immediately. Little bucks were cruising and around 9am I heard more deer approaching from the northeast. A little buck and two minis crested the ridge and dropped right into my bowl. I've been waiting on a nice mini all fall the the second one was the perfect candidate. All three deer walked within a foot of my tree and let them get about 9yrds away before drawing back. I burned the pin and touched off the shot which hit the mark perfectly....heart shot and little guy wasn't about to pack it. I watched him tip over after a short 50yrd run.

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