Monday, April 2, 2012

March Mushroom Madness

3/31/12 - With the unseasonably warm weather we've been having this spring the shrooms have been popping early. My good friend Nick Bales found around 200 shrooms in the middle of last week, so Saturday morning I left KC around 6:30am headed to Toto-land in search of some fungi. Landon, Todd, Nick, and I got to Nick's first honey hole around 9am and by 9:10am I'd found the first shrooms of the day and it only got better from there. The little buggers were thick and we only had to move 10-20yrds to find another good group of them. We'd planned to hit a couple of different spots, but when the getting is this good...there was no reason to go elsewhere. By noon we were pretty hot, thirsty and our bags were overflowing with 276 shrooms, so we shut it down for the day. I'm planning to make it back out there this week for a night and then hit up some of my Callaway Co. spots this weekend...thanks again Nick! My belly thanks you!

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