Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Grouse

Scott, Logan, Adam, and I headed up to the central MN property that we deer hunt on for a little grouse action. It snowed about 1.5" on the drive up to the property which limited the amount of bird activity we usually see up there. We burned a lot of leather walking the property, but the birds didn't cooperate very well. Around 10:30am Adam had a bird running in front of him in the cover and he made a great shot on it after it flushed; Grandpa's ol' side by side served him well!

The bird sailed about 60yrds into the timber before going down, but Oshi made quick work of the retrieve and we had our first bird in hand. We walked out the rest of the property throughout the afternoon and only kicked up one more bird. It flushed about 35yrds in front of me and I cracked off one shot hoping to get lucky, but it was to no avail. Regardless it was a great day in the MN timber!

We also sighted in Scott's 30.06 with the low recoil rounds for Logan's MO youth deer hunt January 7-8. It's crazy how much less recoil the rounds have and they are still extremely accurate. Now we just need the deer to cooperate in a couple weeks. 

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