Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 6th Colorado Duck Hunt

Saturday saw the 2nd split for waterfowl open up in Colorado. I found myself back in Hillrose, CO with my friend Matt(new to hunting, just along to watch) and one of my students Devlin. The weather called for 75 and sunny by 11:00 so we wanted to be done by then. Upon arrival it was 34 degrees and to my surprise our pond had lost about 50% of the water it was holding 2 weeks ago. We quickly kicked about 50-60 big ducks off our spot and quickly got our 2 1/2 dozen decoys, 2 mojos and jerk string set up and proceeded to have ducks drop in and out of our spread.

7:00 a.m. hit and there was instantly ducks everywhere. The first bird of the day was a Drake Mallard that the pond behind us swung and missed at. I put a perfect shot on the mallard from about 45 yards and the morning was going good. After then missing on another flock of mallards 2 wigeons came in on a death plunge from about 200 feet up. 1 shot, 1 more duck for Chad. After that duck for about 20 minutes we had 100's of birds working the spread. With the water down it was tough to convince big flocks into our small spot. After come up empty handed after all this and the wind shitfting directions I moved some decoys around, put mojo about 10 yards in front of us but landing away from us. That was all we needed. Soon after Devlin had his first ever double, making a nice 2 shots on a Drake and Hen combo. Yogi went with to retrieve the susie.

We constantly had birds working our spread, this lead to another wigeon meeting her maker as she hovered above me looking for a spot to land. This was quickly followed by Devlin getting his 2nd Drake of the day. This was when Yogi made her first legit retrieve. She watched the Drake drop down and waited for me to release her. It was great to watch and hopefully a sign of things to come. I later added another Drake that made the mistake of swinging too close to me.

The day ended with me getting a double with the hen first coming down and then her mate meeting his end.

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