Monday, February 1, 2010

MO Bone Collecting

On 1/28/10 I contacted the new owner of the BS farm. After speaking with him about possibly leasing the farm this fall he gave me permission to shed hunt the 70 property, so I didn't waste any time getting out there.
I started in the cedar thicket east of the fence, because it's one of the main bedding areas on the section. There was tons of fresh sign and beds in the thicket, but I only located the small 2 point shed which was just recently shed.  
After walking the cedar thicket, I moved out to the field edge. I worked the edge south and checked out a couple small patches of timber and grass without any luck. On my way back north I spotted this big 56" 5point shed laying on the field edge. I tried to find the match, but didn't have any luck. I'm planning to get back out there in the next week or two. It would be nice to get over to the 155 and locate sheds off some of the bucks we watched last year. 
All in all it was a great start to my 2010 shed hunting season....hopefully it continues.  

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