Monday, May 11, 2009

Annandale Food Plot

5/9/09- I planted my food plot at the Annandale property on the morning of 5/9/09. I am guessing the plot is about 1/2 an acre in size. Below is a photo of the plot site. The plot runs from the orange snow plowing stakes to the right. I did run an extra row of seed to the left of the stakes. The rest of the field was planted in corn later saturday afternoon. We received some rain on friday night and are suppose to get some more showers the beginning of this week. Hopefully the plot will get a good start. I planted Evolve Habitat this year. The seed was a mix of Clover, Rye and Rape Brassica. After seeding the field I gave it a shot of 10-10-10 fertilizer. With any rain the plot should do well.

I also built a bridge to cross the creek on the south end of the property. This will allow me to slip in the back door of my finger set and get a crack at deer feeding on the interior field. The bridge doesn't look like much but is built like a rock. I need to replace a couple of the top boards later this summer. I ran out of treated lumber so I just tacked on a couple old boards to make the bridge usable until I can properly finish the bridge. **Note** Logan and I made it back to Annandale on 5/16/08 and finished the bridge. It looks sexy as can be.
Here is a photo of one of the deer trails that runs near my finger set. This was one of three trails that run with 35 yards of my stand. This is the reason I needed a back door entrance to the stand. Another reason is the farmer told me a real nice 10 or 12 made it through gun season. The farmer saw him twice last year heading into the section of woods I have my finger stand located.

I also checked my mineral stations and have already concluded that Mineral Rocks greatly out perform standard mineral blocks. Below is a photo of one of my rock sites. The photo isn't the greatest but there wasn't an inch of ground around the block that didn't have a track on it. There is plenty of deer sign in the woods.

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