Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 MN Starling Season Starts With A Bang

I made it out for my first Starling hunt of 2008 on Sunday afternoon (4/6/08). The wind was blowing from the south at 10-15 mph, overcast skies and light rain. Because of the weather I decided to hunt from the kitchen blind at my parents "farm". Right off the bat I had several Starlings come into my feeder. Finally after 2 or 3 minutes I had a hen starling give me a 13 yard broadside shot and I just happened to have a hen tag in my pocket. Smack! Hen starling pinned to the ground.

5 minutes later I missed on a mature male starling before getting out of my blind to go shoot at the Gander Mountain Range. I returned to the kitchen blind around 4 PM to hunt the late afternoon. After 5 minutes I had a couple starlings come into my feeder, but none where shooters. I had a perfect wind so I was undetected. Finally, the Starling I had been dreaming my whole life about dropped from out of the trees and under my feeder. I came to full draw, but the starling stepped behind the feeder. I stayed at full draw and waited for what seemed like hours for my trophy to give me a shot. Finally the Starling cleared the feeder. I took careful aim and "Smack!" My first record book bird was lights out immediately!

As you can see I got great penetration with my cabelas field tip and Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrow. They are a lethal combination when teamed up with a Hoyt Vetrix and I highly recommend that setup when hunting record book Starlings!

My first "book"bird and a great start to my 2008 starling season!