Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thats how you do it in Texas boy!

Headed down to Throckmorton, TX from Feb1-3 for a couple days of Hog Hunting, sun and relaxing. We hunted QV Ranches which is a high and low fence operation. The ranch made for a great hunting camp. They had good accommodations, great food and good ole down south hospitality. I would highly recommend the ranch to anyone looking for a Hog, Turkey, Quail, Deer or Exotic hunt.

We showed up to camp around noon on Friday, Feb 1. After sighting in our rifles and relaxing we headed out for the evening hunt. Everyone saw plenty of wildlife and Rod took an all black hog. Rod's hog was a perfect eater and weighed around 75 pounds. Pete had a huge 10 pt. buck about 60-75 yards from his stand for nearly an hour.

Saturday morning was crisp and clear. Pete, Rod and I hunted a low fence ranch about 15 miles west of the main ranch. The rest of the crew stayed and hunted the main ranch. We saw tons of whitetail on the low fence property but no hogs. No shots where fired at the main ranch either. Pete and I went for a ride to check coyote traps with owner Ben Koonce in the afternoon. Ben dropped us off in a creek bottom and told us to spot and stock our way through the creek bottom. After 15 minutes Pete dropped the boom on a pair of piglets with one shot. Pigs took off running everywhere after the shot. I took the gun from Pete and had a good size hog come out of the creek bottom about 2 minutes after Pete shot. I took a quartering away shot and put the all black pig instantly in the dirt. Later that night Pete and I hunted together hoping to get some footage of a kill but had no luck. Only animal we saw was a horse. Brian shot a hog similar to the size of Rod’s. 3 "official" hogs down so far.

Sunday morning was also slow. Pete and I did spot 6 hogs sneaking through the broom weed about 250 yards to our south. Otherwise we saw plenty of Whitetail, a Black Tail Buck and a group of Axis Doe. Around 8:30 we started to stalk for pigs. Finally ran into a good group around 11 AM. Pete put a nice Black hog down and we could have had several more if the Broom weed wasn’t so thick. Brian also got two more hogs while stocking the other side of the ranch. Overall we ended up killing 6 hogs.

Overall it was a fun hunt, but a bit slow on hog movement. The hogs where tough to see in the broom weed and seemed to only feed late at night. The guides at QV did all they could to get us on hogs, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I look forward to hunting QV Ranches in the future.